Perfect tool for perfect cut

Expertise in Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting
Table Size
3 x 2 Mtr
Thicknesss upto
250 mm
Kerf width
upto 0.3mm
upto 0.1mm / 1000mm
Pump Pressure
4000 bar
Load Capacity
1500 kg/m2

We use Effective Nesting Software to save your material.

We Ensure Perfect cut

We ensure high quality cut edges with our latest water jet cutting system.
Aquajet Machine Tool is the obvious choice for superior quality cutting with affordable price at timely delivery.


Why Aquajet Machine Tool ?

Our strong business ethics and transparent deals have helped us to establish a formidable position in the field of water jet cutting services. Some of the attributes that make us the appropriate choice are:

  • 1. Quick and prompt response to client queries
  • 2. Precision-cutting
  • 3. Strict quality control – Ensuring that we always deliver a high quality product, on time.
  • 4. Value for money
  • 5. Expertise in the field of Water jet cutting service
  • 6. Flexible to client’s requirements

We offer a service that guarantees exceptional quality, fast delivery, at affordable prices – with an excellent service attitude.