• WE build

    Waterjet Machines

    With German Engineering

  • WE offer

    Accurate & Precise

    Waterjet Cutting Service

  • WE service your

    Waterjet Machine

    at your site

Engineering with Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Aquajet Machine Tool is a Manufacturer and service provider of waterjet cutting and cleaning Machine. Aquajet Machine Tool is run by a team of professionals having very good experience in the field of Waterjet cutting and cleaning technology. We have a registered office and fully equipped factory in Chennai.
In our facility we also offer Water Jetting Cutting Services with our best and the latest Water jet cutting system.
Water Jet Cutting Machine

Waterjet Cutting Machine

We build and offer complete CNC Waterjet Cutting machine with highest quality at
affordable price.
Water jet Cutting Services

Waterjet Cutting services

We offer water jet cutting services to the clients who are relying on accurate precision water jet cutting service for their product.
Spares and Accessories

Spares & Maintenance Service

We offer Spare parts for High Pressure Pump, Fitting, Orifice and Nozzle. We service your Waterjet machine at your site.